white paper


OPEN provides the necessary payment infrastructure for application developers to utilize the blockchain including cryptocurrency technologies directly into their application’s backend. This is enables an application to begin to use cryptocurrency with the same features that are available for fiat transactions.

Application developers are used to a fiat world, and need blockchain based payments made with cryptocurrency to function with the exact mechanisms they are accustomed to with fiat. OPEN is providing this service to allow for greater acceptance and use of cryptocurrencies.

Developer Infrastructure

In the past we′ve seen fast technology adoption with the use of easy APIs for developers. We understand that this is the easiest way for developers to accept and use the blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. By using the OPEN API and our scaffold system, developers will not have to worry about learning any of the technical complexities of different blockchain languages such as solidity when adding blockchain to their existing technology stack. OPEN is blockchain agnostic, which means our architecture can run on any blockchain that supports smart contracts giving developers the flexibility they need.

Empowering Our Users









We don’t want to further constrain the market by requiring customers to pay with one single currency and for developers to only accept one single currency, so we empower the applications and users to pay in any cryptocurrency and for the developer to choose which ones they want to accept. This friendly approach allows us to work with all current and future blockchains and their cryptocurrencies.

Enabling the Future


With a solution like OPEN, both existing applications (Candy Crush, Netflix, favorite dating or entertainment applications) and new d-apps can integrate blockchain technology with ease.

This is the approach required for existing applications to start appreciating what we know to be the future, cryptocurrencies. By making cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies easy to integrate and incredibly easy to use, we are building the bridge for mass acceptance and adoption.

Watch us unlock the future.